E-Mail Usage Policies Reduce Spam, Increase Meaningful Communication

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Academic institutions, businesses and other organizations can't function without using e-mail as a primary way to stay connected. Appropriate usage policies, however, haven't always matched pace. Thankfully, you have the Knowledge Network and our partners to help you decide how to handle the challenges (as well as the opportunities) that e-mail use can present.


At Indiana University, students, teachers and alumni take advantage of IU's IT resources on a regular basis. As one way to protect these assets, IU's Information Policy Office has created the Use of Electronic Mail policy template. The university and its constituents expect that information technology resources at IU, including e-mail, will be used in a lawful manner. The creation and use of this policy, part of their larger IT policy, is a way to ensure that. This policy applies to all users of IU IT resources regardless of affiliation, and irrespective of whether those resources are accessed from on-campus or off-campus locations.


Click the links below for more of IU's IT resources policies on the Knowledge Network:


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For another academic perspective, check out IT-oriented policies posted by Abilene Christian University:


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