Data Center Efficiency: From Building Green to Exiting 'Gracefully'

John Storts
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New Tips to Improve Energy Management

Ways software can be used to improve overall data center energy use.

The Knowledge Network is the place to find the resources you need when it comes to your data center, whether you want to go green while building anew or exit an old one properly.


As IT Business Edge's Arthur Cole discovered in his interview with CDW's Mark Lafferty, green has made a comeback among data professionals this year after a decline in interest in 2009. With IT budgets beginning to bounce back to where they were before the recession, there's no better place to start implementing energy- and cost-efficient practices than the data center.


Let's take a look at some of the resources our contributors have uploaded that focus on increasing efficiency and reducing costs:

  • "The Green and Virtual Data Center" Excerpt - Our excerpt from Greg Shulz's book provides strategies and blueprints for enabling and deploying environmentally friendly next-generation data centers. Addressing multiple technology domains and disciplines, it looks at design and implementation tradeoffs using various best practices and technologies to sustain application and business growth while maximizing resources, such as power, cooling, floor space, storage, server performance and network capacity.
  • Building the Green Data Center - Michael Stevens' guide focuses on management, measurement, technology and best practices. It provides recommendations on how to make a case for green IT, outlines management considerations and includes links to free downloadable tools to support your green data center initiatives.
  • Green Data Center Calculator - Virtualization - This calculator helps IT departments estimate their carbon footprint and provides a quick approximation of the results you can expect from server virtualization. Virtualization enables multiple applications to run on a single server, thus reducing the total number of servers in the data center.


You should also check out our contributors' other efficiency-oriented tools, such as those that target gains to be made from server power-down scheduling strategies and decommissioning "comatose" servers.


At the other end of the data center life cycle is the time spent making the transition from an old one to a new one. To assist you with this complicated move, Info-Tech Research Group uploaded their Data Center Relocation Project Wrap-up Checklist. The checklist makes the relocation process easier and more organized by helping you keep track of all assets in the old data center to be disposed of or returned (if leased).


Use the tools and resources in the Knowledge Network to make a green entrance and a "graceful" exit.

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Nov 18, 2010 5:21 PM Energywyze Energywyze  says:

Green IT or Energy Efficient data centers is not only a growing trend but possibly the only way for buildings of IT to be sustainable.  The raising Utility costs keep going up and the demand or consumption with IT data centers is astronomical.  We at Energywyze have provided a cooling efficiency solution for a data center and we are capable of so much more.  If you work for a data center or own one, please take a look at our website at http://energywyze.us and give us a call.

Tony Z.


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