Data Center Design Overview Can Help Build Buy-In

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Building out a data center is a massive undertaking, as we've discussed at some length here in this blog over the last few weeks. Of course, not all data centers are created equal. One of the first key issues in any such undertaking is making sure everyone involved has a solid grasp of the complex issues that will make or break the project.


Our partners at Info~Tech Research Group have created a nine-page research note, Planning for Data Center Physical Layout and Support Center Space, that covers a wide breadth of issues related to data center design that you can use to brief all project stakeholders on design issues. The report is available free to IT Business Edge subscribers here in the IT Downloads library.


The centerpiece of the report is a diagram, which you can see below, of a full-featured data center layout and corresponding explanations of each area's function.



Of course, a CTO does not need to be told that the Operations Center is where data center personnel can remotely monitor equipment and send up a red flag if some goes amiss. However, a data center project requires buy-in and advocacy from executives who may well not know that, or that the Build Room is where your team unpacks and pre-configs hardware before it gets to the racks. Remember: Informed advocates are passionate advocates. Circulating this report can be a great way to build understanding and support for your vision of the data center build-out.


The report also includes pointers for your business on how to determine your real needs for the data center project. Some useful pointers include:


Choose a space that can be expanded and consolidated. Future business needs for data center expansion should be taken into consideration when finding a location for the data center.


Map out possible layouts. Before finalizing location and layout of the data center and surrounding facilities, IT should map out what the final design should look like to provide a few options to choose from.


Consult with professionals. Before drawing up the final plans for the physical layout of the data center and support rooms, IT professionals should seek external expert advice to ensure that all aspects have been accounted for.


If you are making the case for a data center build-out, be sure to check out these resources from Info~Tech available here in the IT Downloads library.


The Data Center Build Project Charter sets the scope for your project based on feedback from all parties. It's a critical step for a project of this scale.


The Data Center Facility Budget Tool is a detailed spreadsheet that will help you calculate costs across every category of data center build-out and operations.