Creative Passwords Secure Accounts, Workstations


Lifehacker, a blog about computer hacks and software, recently published an article requesting its users to relay their stories about bad password experiences. The miserable tales came flooding in and Lifehacker posted a few of them, which serves as a nice tipsheet for how to secure your computer.


One suggestion involved using your iPod, or another small electronic device:

When I needed a new password, I'd look at some electronic device on my person (iPod, phone, etc.) -- somewhere on the device would be a serial number or an FCC ID. That way, if I don't remember the password, it's written in small text somewhere near me, but it wouldn't be instantly recognizable as a password. Plus, they were usually alpha-numeric and greater than 6 characters.

Another suggestion involves using a mnemonic device:

I always tell people to use a sentence. I drive a 1978 Volkswagon! = IDA78VW! or Living At Home Since 1972 Sux = L@HS72SX or for higher security use high ASCII 149 Is was my street Address in 99= Iwmsai99

The Knowledge Network has a few documents that address this issue, as well. Protecting Your Passwords and Sample Password Policy are documents that give good tips on making your workstations and accounts secure.


What are some of the tips you would suggest to other fellow computer users? Also, check out this discussion on how to remember passwords.