Consultant Suggests Strategies for Securing Work in Tough Times


Sometimes part-time work is the best you can do in a period of high unemployment. But it's no reason to hang your head low, according to Mitch Paioff, an IT Business Edge guest columnist. Instead of looking for the benefits-rich full-time job right now, try looking for a short-term consulting deal, he suggests.


An independent computer consultant for over eight years, Paioff credits much of his success to using creative strategies to land lucrative consulting projects. This blog posted recently is the first in a series of three articles on this topic.


His strategies for success include:


  • Cold Calling. " Some of my best clients were acquired as a direct result of me getting on the phone, calling up complete strangers, and asking them to hire me."


  • Be Intrusive. "Calling people on the phone is much more intrusive than sending out e-mails or text messages. It gets you noticed. And it increases your odds of being hired, or at least getting an interview."


  • Start Immediately. "If you're unemployed or between projects, there should be no excuse to put off using cold calling as a job search strategy."


Paioff also uploaded an excerpt of his book "Getting Started as an Independent Computer Consultant" to the Knowledge Network recently. That excerpt is the complete Chapter 4 of the book. "How to Market Yourself Effectively" encourages upcoming consultants to have a "Unique Selling Proposition," prospect for leads, advertise and sell themselves well.