CMMI, ISO Guides Help Improve Best Practices


Two guides that focus on Capability Maturity Model Integration ISO 9000 surfaced on the Knowledge Network today. Both of these research guides were uploaded by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.


CMMI for Services, Version 1.2


Whether you are new to process improvement, new to CMMI, or already familiar with CMMI, this guide can help you understand why CMMI is the model to use for improving your service processes.


The audience for CMMI is anyone interested in process improvement in a service provider environment. Whether you are familiar with the concept of Capability Maturity Models or are seeking information to get started on your improvement efforts, CMMI will be useful to you. This model is also intended for organizations that want to use a reference model for an appraisal of their service-related processes.


An Initial Comparative Analysis of the CMMI Version 1.2 Development Constellation and the ISO 9000 Family


This technical note compares and contrasts these two bodies of knowledge to help build a bridge between the ISO 9001 and CMMI communities that will promote mutual understanding. While the two bodies of knowledge were developed independently and for different purposes, they have important connections and are largely consistent with each other.


Organizations that are implementing both ISO 9001 and the CMMI Development constellation will benefit from an understanding of areas that are covered fully by both bodies of knowledge, as well as areas not covered by both. This understanding can lead to efficiencies of operation, as well as better clarity for those responsible for implementation and operations.