Checklist Helps You Wrap up Your Data Center Relocation Project

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10 Way to Improve Data Backup

Every aspect of the data center can stand a little improvement. But if your backup capabilities are like most, they are in dire need of an upgrade.

Given the number of people and pieces of equipment involved, moving your data center to new a location can be disorganized. Without a way to track all that hardware, making sure it gets disposed of or returned properly can be difficult. A messy or incomplete relocation creates headaches for those doing the moving, the owners of the facility and tenants hoping to move in.


The Data Center Relocation Project Wrap-up Checklist, contributed by Knowledge Network partner Info-Tech Research Group, gives your IT department a way to safely and efficiently decommission the old facility so it's ready for the next occupants. It provides a handy way to document the process, including:

  • Inventorying remaining equipment
  • Returning leased assets
  • Disposing of old equipment
  • Terminating service contracts
  • Communicating closure to stakeholders
  • Cleaning the old facility


Make the relocation process easier on your department by making it more organized and thorough. Make the new tenants happy by giving them a clean, properly vacated space to move their operations into.


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