Be REALLY Happy with Your SOA Efforts Thanks to These Resources


More than three-quarters of businesses that have implemented or are working on service-oriented architecture said they are happy with the results in a recent Forrester Research survey. However, only 31 percent of the same group said they had realized all the benefits they expected from SOA.


Apparently some folks are easy to please.


Or, as our Loraine Lawson notes in her great ongoing coverage of SOA and integration issues, it may well be that shops have simply lost sight of the strategic virtues of SOA across the enterprise and now look at it more as a single-use project that they can be "happy" with, at least on a tactical level.


Of course, that's not what SOA is supposed to be about. It's an architecture that promises re-use of services across virtually any business process, either inside or outside your enterprise.


Here in the IT Downloads library, we have numerous resources to help you evaluate the SOA fit for your organization and to guide you in both the tactical and strategic implementation of SOA in your shop. All of these resources are available for free download to IT Business Edge members.


'SOA Governance' Excerpt: This 30-page book excerpt from our partners at InformIT focuses on the often-overlooked differences between governance, methodology and management, with little pearls of wisdom such as:


  • Governance does not dictate when or how to make a decision. It determines who should make the decision and establishes limits for that person or group.
  • Management makes decisions according to governance rules.
  • Neither management nor methodology can replace governance, nor compensate for poor governance.


These issues are fundamental to SOA reaching its full potential, since as an architecture it spans development teams and business units. It has to be based on a strong culture of governance, or it will fragment and become nothing more than a methodology.


The book chapter also includes numerous chart and diagrams, like this scale chart that rates the Autonomy and Control of various governance cultures.



The SOA Source Book Excerpt: This IT Download from our partners at The Open Group lays out the basic principles of SOA in terms that both IT and business execs can readily grasp.


This 7-page document lays out 14 key benefits of SOA and the infrastructure needed to support them. You can see a portion of a quick overview table below.



Topics covered include:


  • Developing software "facades" via asset wrapping that help recognize all IT components as providing a service.
  • Implementing a services directory as opposed to hard-wiring service calls.
  • Encrypting service messages to ensure enterprise data security.


Job Description: SOA Enterprise Architect: This job description from G.1440 will give you a good idea of the technical skills required for a wide-ranging SOA implementation. Some examples:


  • Familiarity with high-level languages such as BPEL and specifications such as WS-CDL and WS-Coordination.
  • Understanding of the Enterprise Service Bus approach, including IBM ESB.
  • Experience with JCL, TSO, ISPF, ENDEVOR, IDMS, EXPEDITOR, ABEND-AID for CICS, DB2, File-AID, MVS Tools, SQL, VSAM, InterTest, JES Tools, Control-M Products Tools.

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