Analysts Consider 2010 Cloud Outlook a Little Fuzzy

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The IT industry is on the verge of some major changes, writes Arthur Cole in his latest blog post on cloud computing. Cole notes Phil Wainwright's most recent piece on ZDNet, in which he correctly points out that the cloud is not merely a fad, but an "ongoing process in 2010 and beyond that will finally rid the enterprise of the stagnant architectures and all their mind-numbing complexity."


But it's still a little murky as to how it all will really play out, Cole says. Computerworld's latest survey of more than 300 IT executives revealed that only half had any plans to roll out cloud capabilities next year, with many citing it as the most over-hyped technology of 2009.


Those wanting to look more closely at the capabilities of the cloud should start with this Cloud Computing Checklist, available in the Knowledge Network. This checklist helps users understand what to look for in a cloud. In many cases, the mass-market clouds offered by Amazon and others will not be able to provide all the features required by IT departments to run their mission-critical applications. But there are several other managed hosting providers using clouds with rich feature sets, and their numbers are growing.


There are also several book excerpts in the Knowledge Network that address cloud computing.