25 Things About the Knowledge Network


Piggybacking on the latest Facebook craze, here are 25 things about the Knowledge Network.


1. The Knowledge Network is a one-stop shop for templates, spreadsheets, charts, PowerPoints and other IT documents.

2. Definitions documents best Wikipedia entries by providing a business focus on the topics explored.

3. Having trouble figuring out the best way to manage your IT department? Get some hints with the IT Management Process.

4. The KN allows you to download someone else's document, change it to meet your needs, and then upload it again as a similar, but different document.

5. My KN blog mugshot is actually a good one.

6. The Knowledge Network FAQ tells you the basics of how to use this community.

7. We don't allow entries used in direct-marketing campaigns.

8. Writing a document is as easy as clicking "Create a document" in the Actions menu on the left side of the KN main page.

9. Need to hire a help desk professional? Check out this sample job description for ideas.

10. The Terms and Conditions are posted multiple times throughout the site. Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions could result in your removal from the community.

11. It's fun to click on the stars that allow you to rate the documents.

12. The ISO-IEC 20000 Primer allows users to get ISO/IEC 20000 best practices.

13. Post a discussion by selecting "Start a discussion" in the Actions menu on the left side of the KN page.

14. The Definitions: Windows Vista is the most popular document on the KN, so far.

15. There are three great green technology calculators by IT Business Edge contributor Michael Stevens.

16. In addition to pointing out great documents in my blog, my job is to find partners with great content to make available to KN users.

17. What do you think of ITBE's new site? You can tell us by clicking here.

18. Trying out the Windows 7 beta? Click on the Windows 7 Definitions document and add some details.

19. The Android Applications Support Checklist gives tips to potential Android developers.

20. It's a wiki. Don't you love that word?

21. I was going to give you my password until I read Protecting Your Passwords.

22. Did I tell you how important it is to read the Knowledge Network FAQ before browsing and creating documents and discussions?

23. Need Tips to Pulling Off a Successful Webinar?

24. Let me hear you sing, "We built this Web site. We built this Web site with lots of documents."

25. Have any great content to add to the KN? Send me an e-mail at patrick.avery@itbe.com.