Welcome to the New Bullet Points Blog

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This is a quick note to let our Bullet Points subscribers know about some changes we are making in our blogging lineup here at IT Business Edge that we believe will allow us to better serve your IT and business information needs.


I'm Ken-Hardin, and I will be taking over Bullet Points as the place for my personal observations on the big tech headlines, as well as sharing some insights and tidbits I pick up as the editorial and product vice president here at IT Business Edge.


I'm always careful to disclaim that I am not a technologist -- I'm the pesky line-of-business manager who gets in your hair at functional requirements meetings. I've been doing that for more than a decade now, and I've been in the tech press even longer, so I hope I can shed some light on the real business issues in a media sector that's often overwhelmed by hype. I'll also occasionally tell you about new offerings we have at IT Business Edge -- hey, that's my job.


For those of you who have come to rely on Bullet Points for quick wrap-ups of the day's breaking news, we've moved and expanded our coverage in that area in our new Headline Watch blog. (You can subscribe to this new blog here.) Blogger Michael Lindenberger will cover the whole breadth of tech news, with an eye toward business, of course.


Finally, our Editor-in-Chief Kachina Dunn will be staffing a new blog, Microsoft Hardliner, dedicated solely to news about that big software vendor in Washington. We found that an enormous amount of our news coverage tended to be about Microsoft (what a surprise), so we've dedicated a channel to sorting through info and speculation about the one vendor that touches virtually every business.


We hope you find these changes useful as you work to get the most out of your company's investment in technology.