Google Apps for Your Domain Is About AdSense


Google's announcement of its application hosting service has renewed Web buzz that it will soon be banging heads with Microsoft Office by offering a full-blown, Web-based productivity suite.


The beta offering, dubbed "Google Apps for Your Domain," is targeted at businesses that want to offer "stickiness" features -- IM, e-mail and calendaring. Affiliates will be able to brand these applets with their own look and feel to make it appear that their companies are providing the services, but in fact they all will be hosted at Google's Kansas-sized server bank.


The common thread here is that all the services are ideal vehicles for Google advertising products, which of course is how Google makes all its money. The one exception is a simple Web authoring tool that Google has thrown in as bait for small shops or individuals to sign on for its new apps package.


Much like Blogger, this new app offering will induce everyday Internet users to create even more viewed pages -- e-mail messages, IM windows and the like -- to feed Google's seemingly limitless demand for eyeballs at which to push AdSense listings.


This is one of the smartest moves we've seen Google make in a while, since it plays solidly to its core revenue model. We'd also note that its word processing and spreadsheeting packages are not included in the beta (although Google is offering to take suggestions for more advanced apps for a forthcoming fee-based service).


The evangelic zeal that has led much of the tech media to pronounce that this is another step toward Google Office is misplaced.


We're not saying that Google Office won't happen, mind you, but this is merely a smart repackaging of Web-based collaboration tools that are already available. The ability to administer them via a domain-based login will make some apps -- particularly Google Talk IM -- more attractive to small businesses, to be sure.


But core productivity features are another matter.


UPDATE: InformationWeek is reporting this morning that Google does in fact plan to add its word processing and spreadsheet software to the Google Aps package. The piece also suggests that Google may try to create an ad-driven environment where users can import and export MS-formatted documents for collaboration.


In the enterprise world, that's called a WLAN.

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Aug 28, 2006 4:46 PM Im Guessing Im Guessing  says:
The Bell Tolls For MicrosoftToday Google released a new service named Google Apps for Your Domain.  Notice I didn't say software package.  Reffering to this new service as a software package would be doing it a disservice. This is not merely a collection of free software/services that Google is offering.  That in itself is pretty nice for small business owners.  I owned a small company during the late 1980's through the late 1990's, and I would have loved not having to spend all the money I did on software packages, that were no more functional than what Google is offering now for free.  What Google is offering business owners, is the chance to re-think the way they do business, at no financial cost.How nice would it be to buy "packaged" software, and then get your money back a month later when you discover it really doesn't meet your needs?  If you're anything like me, you have a lot of software collecting dust, because it didn't do what you thought it would.  Google is offering the chance to try a new business model for free, and if doesn't work, you can always go back to over paying Microsoft for average software.Every day the web-centric world moves a little further away from the desktop as we know it.  Every day Microsoft pretends that they still are a player.  Every day the true web players, distance themselves further from the desktop world.  The bell tolls a little longer, a little louder, every day.  I'm guessing Microsoft can hear the ringing in their ears.I’m Guessing http://imguessingblog.blogspot.com imguessingblog@gmail.com Reply

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