For-fee Tweeting More Likely than Pay-per-View Tweets


I read with "interest" -- that's a nice way of saying "disbelief" -- comments from Twitter's CEO this morning that the company may consider creating premium, paid-subscription tweeting profiles from big shots, such as CEOs and the like.

This I can tell you -- it's hard enough to get people to pay money for any sort of content on the Internet. The idea that someone would actually pay money for a few hundred characters of off-the-cuff content from anybody short of Siddartha Buddah is dubious, to be kind.

Would you pay for this?

Exectweets is a clever roll-up, but it's clearly targeted as a premium advertsing opportunity for vendors liek Microsoft, who's current marketing campaign is akin to a line of tweets from CEOs about how important technology is. Nice fit.

It seesm to me that the real revenue future of Twitter remains in the SaaS space, which it is already tapping into via deals with Salesforce.com and others. A private company micro-blog that spits out text messages clearly woudl appeal to a lot of folks -- although I remain puzzled that a good-olf-fashioned macro-blogging platform has not stepped up and added that functionality already.

Tie in a free or incredibly cheap gateway for sending those text messages -- again, Google looms -- and you have an appealing mobile app. In fact, I wonder if an also-ran mobile carrier is not in negotiations right now with Twitter to add it as a value-add to a service plan -- your first 100 tweets over lunch are free, etc., etc.

They used to say thart content is king. But at least where Twitter is concerned, it's the delivery platform -- not the info that's being delivered.