You Can Find Tech Jobs in Columbus

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See which cities are showing the highest rate of IT job growth

My colleague Don Tennant connected the dots from Dice.com's February report to conclude, "IT Job Prospects Are Looking up in the 'Rust Belt.' "On the list of cities showing the fastest growth in tech jobs, after the unexpected winner, Detroit, came three Ohio cities: Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus.


A survey released Wednesday by the nonprofit Technology for Ohio's Tomorrow and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce backs that. Forty-seven percent of the tech companies said they plan to hire full-time workers this year, up from 41 percent in last year's survey. One quarter expect to hire contractors, up from 21 percent. Tech companies made up just under half of the 263 respondents.


Of those who said said their core business did not depend on technology (54.7 percent), the four major sectors were manufacturing and distribution, financial services, retail and health care. There must be something screwy with the wording in the survey, because of course all those industries rely on technology. When I interviewed Jack Phillips, CEO of the research firm International Institute for Analytics, he used retail as an example where analytics provide the competitive difference these days. Perhaps those companies meant that technology was not their core business.


Anyway, the majority of all companies said they plan to make major investments this year in new technologies including servers, mobile devices, mobile applications, computers and custom software.


Separately, Manpower reported earlier this month that in six months, the overall employment picture in Columbus has gone from being one of the worst in the nation to one of the best, according to Columbus Business First.


Meanwhile, TechLife Ohio, a Columbus network for technology groups, posted this list of open tech jobs there.