The Resume: It's Not About You

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Top Nine Tips for Job Seekers Entering the Market

Tips on searching for your first or next IT job.

At least it'll make you laugh. That's this resume at The Huffington Post, labeled a fail or a win, depending on your point of view.


If you're looking for a writer, he could be your guy. Like in this college essay, there's a place to be a smart aleck. If you're looking for a tech pro, maybe not.


The biggest problem I see with this-if it could at all be considered a serious effort, which it probably isn't-is that the writer doesn't zero in on the job he hopes to get. Marketing? Product development? Mail room?


MSNBC quotes Nick Vaidya, managing partner of The 8020Strategy Group, a consulting firm, saying:

I get exasperated looking at resume after resume that talks about what [an applicant] does, or has done. After a while all of the candidates start looking like white penguins on snow. I want the [person] who understands what I need and tailors his or her resume accordingly. I want the yellow penguin.

And like the college essay writer, he has so many unique talents! But without targeting the resume to tell how those talents are just what the company needs, they're scattershot.


Although the hiring picture for new college graduates is looking up, young job seekers need to learn one key point, according to this startribune.com article:

The reality is, it's never about you-at any level in your career. It's always about what you can do for the employer. What does that mean? It means, in everything you do, every cover letter and resume you write, every networking email, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter post, make sure you talk about how you can help a company-not how a company can help you.

Of course, you could argue that this resume <em>does</em> stand out, but maybe not in the way intended. For one thing, he needs a good editor to deal with his wonky capitalizations. And how could he not know that Mario Kart is two words?