Seven Keys to Becoming a Data Integration Expert

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Five IT skills getting attention from recruiters.

Accenture predicted a couple of years ago that in the future, data integration would become IT's main job, and it's certainly key in the era of cloud computing.


That logically makes it a hot career path, one that cloud computing and SOA expert David Linthicum says you're most likely to carve out yourself. He says data integration "experts" grow from developing integration strategies within their own organizations. In this post at Data Integration Blog, he elaborates on seven vital things to understand:


  • Database concepts
  • Interfaces to data
  • Rules and routing
  • Data mediation and transformation
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Data governance


In a Dice survey last fall of 18,325 IT pros, it found these average salaries related to integration:

  • SOA - $108,210
  • ETL - $106,521
  • Oracle WebLogic - $103,702
  • Red Hat JBoss - $102,184
  • IBM WebSphere - $100,348
  • Advanced business application programming - $109,157
  • Java database connectivity - $102,630


Starting salaries continue to be pushed down, though, Dice.com Managing Director Alice Hill told Integration Developer News.


There are plenty of books, webinars, seminars, videos and technology training out there to help you gain these skills. Also our IT Downloads Center contains a wealth of resources, including these job descriptions, which can help you understand the skills required:


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