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Last year, I wrote about tech employers in San Diego whining that they couldn't find the tech talent they need because the city's considered more of a beach town "than Silicon Valley South." Like being a beach town is a bad thing. The takeaway was that San Diego's a great place if you're in the market for a job.


It still is.


Forbes recently ranked San Diego No. 3 on its list of the best cities for tech jobs, after Seattle and Washington, D.C. It noted that over the past decade, tech employment has grown by almost 30 percent and STEM jobs by 13 percent, while putting those percentages at 15.7 percent for tech and 6.5 percent for STEM jobs over the past two years.


It's also on the top 10 in Dice.com's list of the fastest-growing tech job markets. (Full disclosure: I blog for Dice, too.) The IT job site reported that defense and aerospace companies are recruiting there, while Forbes also pointed to the city's biotechnology and other life and physical sciences research.


Meanwhile, a survey by the Kosmont Rose Institute at Claremont-McKenna College recently pegged San Diego as the least expensive major city in California in which to do business. It studied the business taxes and fees, economic incentives and other programs, concluding that the expense in Los Angeles County and the Bay area were detriments to starting businesses there.


Mayor Jerry Sanders, gloating over the news, told TV station San Diego 6, that the city had worked to cut red tape, streamline the permit process and create city programs to encourage startups. He noted that the clean-tech industry had grown from about 140 companies to more than 800 in the past few years, the city had more solar installations than others, and that three of the top five companies in the algae-to-fuel industry operate there.


San Diego isn't Silicon Valley South and it might have to import talent and do more to convince students graduating there to stay. But employers still should play up the opportunities - as well as the whole allure of living in a beach town.


As Sanders told Channel 6:

We've worked very hard to bring every resource we have to make San Diego a place people want to come to.

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Oct 25, 2012 5:59 PM Christina Christina  says:
I think its great that San Diego is shinning as a tech marketing job industry. I really don't think it's a bad thing being known as a "beach city" its beautiful and has so much to offer. The one thing I worry about only because I personally struggled with this was finding a job. I would spend so much time and often it would lead to nothing. Possibly I was just looking in the wrong places. But I was lucky enough to stumble upon job boards which made everything so simple because they had everything at my fingertips. Board such as: Granted.com, CareerBuilder.com, and Indeed.com. I just really wanted to share how lucky I was with finding these and wanted to spread the word. Reply
Nov 9, 2012 6:13 PM Selene Selene  says: in response to Christina
@Christina, I am so glad you mentioned Granted.com. after reading this I went to their site and was able to apply for four jobs that really stuck out to me in my area. Thanks to your helpful advice about Granted.com I am now set up for 3 interviews this coming Tuesday! Thank you Christina & granted.com. Reply

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