Hot Mobile Race Calls for Nimble Skills


We've written that mobile developers can pretty much write their own ticket. Though it seems every company wants mobile apps - and yesterday - from a very shallow talent pool, the difficulty in hiring mobile developers is hampering that trend.


I talked to Giles Nugent, the iPhone app development instructor at the SAE Institute in New York, who told me that in contrast to 15 years ago, the barriers to entering the field of application development are low, so most anyone can jump into that talent pool:

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... to be a developer in the iPhone space, you can get a Mac, you can get the development environment, which is free, and you can start developing apps, using your creativity. You have to buy a $99 license to start distributing those apps, then distribute those apps through the App Store, where there's already this broad distribution mechanism available.

But talk about shifting sands! Boston-based startup Fiksu, a mobile app optimization company, is hiring. Of the 40 positions it plans to add, half will be engineers and developers, and the other half in sales and marketing. According to an FINS article:

Because the company is working exclusively in mobile, candidates can impress [CEO and founder Micah] Adler and his team by demonstrating that they understand the challenge in working in mobile as opposed to desktops.

"There's a lot of technical differences, from how advertising and marketing can be tracked, to what inventories are out there, to responsiveness and connectivity issues," Adler said.


But experience in mobile isn't necessarily an upside. "The mobile space is rapidly shifting," he said, so "someone with deep knowledge of how mobile worked four years ago is actually not that useful to us." [emphasis added]

"Rapidly shifting" indeed.