Health IT Tops 'Hot Jobs' List

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Increased need to support mobile computing is driving investment in wireless networks.

With the big federal push for electronic health records, is it any wonder that health information technology tops the list of hot jobs published by the University of California-San Diego?


The report, "Hot Careers for College Graduates 2011," points to emerging jobs including health care integration engineer, health care systems analyst, clinical IT consultant and technology support specialist. The federal government, as part of the stimulus package, has funded a rash of programs at university and community college levels to train health care workers or IT pros on the intersection of the two.


There are no big surprises on the list. No. 2 is data mining and analytics. When I interviewed Jack Phillips, CEO of the research firm International Institute for Analytics, he told me that businesses are crying out for professionals in this area. Jobs, for the most part, are in large companies, but smaller organizations are keenly interested in applying data analysis to their business as well.


So, as the "Hot Careers" report states, these pros can command high salaries. It cites opportunities in areas including advertising technology, fraud detection, surveillance, Web mining, probabilistic trading, risk management, business intelligence, scientific research and law enforcement.


Mobile media ranked No. 4 after geriatric health care. That's a big well, duh! It points to jobs for graphic designers, videographers and video editors, casual game/app developers and software engineers. Not only is this one of the hottest fields, but one experiencing the most rapid change in required skills.


Rounding out the list were these:

  • No. 5 - Occupational health and safety.
  • 6 - Spanish/English translation and interpretation.
  • 7 - Sustainable business practices and greening of all jobs.
  • 8 - Teaching English as a second language.
  • 9 - Financial examiner/internal auditor.
  • 10 - Health care case management.