Gen Y Especially Values Mentors

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Ten Tips for Getting the Most from Your Mentor

Both parties need to take an active role for this relationship to pay off.

Though there's some debate about the differences between career sponsorship, mentorship and personal networks, I think we can agree that we all need people to help us stay on track and to propel us forward.


Millennials, especially, value mentorship, according to the 14th Annual Global CEO Survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers. It found that 98 percent of Millennials see having a mentor as necessary to their career development. And they ranked training and development three times higher than cash bonuses as their first choice in benefits, Business Insider reports.


A Hay Group study that I wrote about earlier today, however, notes that workers of all ages place a high value on career development, so as my colleague Ann All has written before, maybe Millennials aren't that different from the rest of us.


Certainly savvy young workers can seek out a mentor to better develop their skills, but it seems that employers seeking to retain key talent would be wise to create formal mentorship programs, especially as revealed in a recent government survey, that most younger workers don't consider their older colleagues open to being mentors.


This post by Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist on managing Generation Y makes me think baby boomer parents haven't done such a great job if the new generation requires that much attention and support to make decisions. But certainly, this is among the generational differences coming into play. (It's interesting that in conflict with this New York Post article about high levels of entrepreneurship among Gen Y, Trunk says they find out that's a really hard road and tend to go back to working for someone else.)


Increasingly, we all have to be managing our careers constantly. You'll find an IT Career Development Plan among the great resources in our new IT Project Guides section. That's something we all need to be working on.