App Developers' Skills Still Maturing

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Recruiters Identify Top 10 In-Demand Technology Skills

A global survey by Evans Data Corp. sends a message to developers who sell their apps through app stores: You probably don't want to quit your day job - at least not yet.


The survey of more than 1,400 developers then focused on the subgroup developing apps for app stores. Just 26 percent derive the bulk of their income from that, while 41 percent were moonlighters with day jobs as software developers, 22 percent were serious "hobbyists" and 11 percent were students and recent graduates, reports Fierce Developer.


Ben Hanley, senior product manager at Evans Data, though, sees that as a good sign for an industry as new as this one. The article quotes him saying:

We expect the industry to mature. Over time you will see the proportion of full-time developers grow relative to the other major profiles.

The 145-page report also looks at adoption of technologies including Java, HTML5 and Flash, along with demographics of the developers.


Last week I talked to Forrester analyst Mike Gualtieri for a story at Dice.com about the future of Java. He was advising Java developers to augment those skills with "something kind of hot" - and in mobile development, he was touting HTML5, JavaScript and Objective-C, the language of iPhones and iPads. Given the ongoing Oracle-Google lawsuit over Java-based Android, it's hard to know at this point how it will shake out for developers.


Gualtieri, though, offered this advice for mobile developers:

If you have HTML5 and JavaScript on your resume, but you also have [mobile frameworks] PhoneGap, Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile, you will be in demand.