A Beginning: Controversy 'R Us


This is my first day writing for IT Business Edge and I want to give you a sense for what to expect from this Blog.


Generally the purpose, or goal, of this will be to provide fodder for discussion. To cast light on things that I think aren't being discussed, or things I think people are afraid to discuss and should be discussed regardless. My hope is that no topic will be off the table and if there is something you think should be brought up I'll certainly take requests and we'll see where that takes us.


I don't plan to advocate products except, occasionally, when I run into a tool that helps me (generally a piece of personal technology) I may mention it in passing in the hope that it helps you as well, but I won't spend much time on that subject and likely will link out to something else I, or someone else, has written on that topic.


You'll find that I spend a lot of time explaining what vendors are trying to say, and pointing to things they should be saying but aren't. This is because that takes up much of my life.


We'll try to focus on keeping this topical, primarily because I'm used as a primary resource by the major news services for all things tech and will need to think through those subjects as I develop my own opinion. You'll see how much of that is done here, and in many cases see how I arrived at what I've been quoted as saying.


I'll be as candid as I can, and am typically not one to fall for corporate rhetoric. But if you see me suddenly parroting someone's corporate line feel free to call me on it, I'm human and have been known, though rarely, to drink too much of the Kool-Aid.


In the end, this is a place to come if you want a little controversy, it is not a place if you want to feel comfortable because I'll aggressively challenge that comfort.


Topics we will explore in the coming weeks will be:


Should Company Policy Require Employees Use Full and Accurate Names when Posting?


How to Motivate Employees to be Part of the Security Solution and Less the Core of the Problem


Is Microsoft a Problem to be Solved or an Opportunity to be Explored?


Open Source: The Costs We Don't Talk About


Why Apple Will Never Be Allowed Back in the Enterprise


Do the Music and Media Companies: How US Business is Paying the Price for Their Stupidity


How to Fire Your CEO: And When You Should


As you can see these are not softball topics and I hope you'll feel free to suggest some of your own. Welcome, I hope you'll find it worth your while to visit us often.