Vista Still Can't Compete with XP

Kachina Shaw

Businesses are still rejecting Windows Vista in large numbers -- in favor of Windows XP. Performance, as shown in recent test results from Devil Mountain Software, for the most frequently performed tasks, remains higher with XP systems than with Vista, according to this InformationWeek write-up. So, it seems the glass is more half empty than half full for Redmond. Microsoft shops are satisfied with the performance and life span of XP, but haven't bought into Vista as an operating system upgrade that would provide a killer app, cost savings or compatibility with other enterprise software in the mix. They just don't need it.


Still, analysts and consultants expect uptake to rise significantly in a couple of years or so, after SP1, more compatibility, and more enterprise agreements that pretty much force Vista upon customers. The CEO of consultancy Camwood, Frank Foxall, told silicon.com that "the biggest driver for Vista is eventuality."


The dreary acceptance that Vista will enter the XP-loving enterprise doesn't faze Microsoft, which asserts license sales have been as good as or better than expected, and that compatibility with software and devices is quickly becoming less of an issue.


The attitude should give pause, though. If I know one thing about marketing -- and I do know one thing, just one -- it's that the objective is to demonstrate to the potential customer that they need you and/or your product or service, not that you need them. When the Crave blog included Vista in its list of the top 10 terrible tech products, the write-up gave a quick overview of problems that could be fixed, and ended with "not to mention its general pointlessness as an upgrade."


Perhaps the OS has already reached its potential and we should both thank Microsoft for that and remind the company that the last thing we need is another OS.

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Nov 30, 2007 5:55 PM akmal akmal  says:
give xp edition vista (vista theme) Reply
Dec 7, 2007 11:11 AM Homiyar T Sukhia Homiyar T Sukhia  says:
Thats true what everybody is saying about it it is dame slow and worst it is too slow on laptop that also on latest VIVO laptop which is installed on my boss computer it takes lost of time to start and shutdown. And it s to complicate to use then Window XP only two of the best OS software that Microsoft has come out with is still I prefer are Window 98 and Window XP. We use only Window XP in our office and it is much much better and faster then VISTA.Best Regards,Homiyar T Sukhia (EDP / Network Administrator) Reply
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