One-Year-Old Windows Vista Looking in Vain for Supporters

Kachina Shaw

What a difference a year makes. At the first anniversary of the release of Windows Vista, the main players in the Microsoft operating system have shifted positions a bit.


Vista's security improvements attracted customers fed up with vulnerabilities in its predecessors, but by December, Patch Tuesday included multiple fixes necessary for both older OSs and Vista, explains Stuart Johnston at PCWorld.com. That's how it goes, of course, hackers are paying more attention to Vista because of its growing user numbers.


Meanwhile, Microsoft is beating the drum for Windows 7 (though it's denying that it's doing it or that the release date could be in 2009). Analysts are even going so far as to say that Vista isn't as bad as Microsoft has led people to believe -- from Directions on Microsoft's Michael Cherry -- and that Microsoft will have a strong 2008, thanks to Server 2008 -- from IT Business Edge blogger Rob Enderle.


Vista SP1 isn't here yet, but it's almost old news already, even seemingly for Microsoft, which may be turning its back on what turned out to be the red-headed stepchild of OSs. Instead of putting its juice behind the service pack in order to prompt reluctant business and enterprise customers to roll out the OS, Redmond could be jumping ahead to the next new-and-improved OS and related product push.


And is there a winner emerging from this situation? Perhaps it's the PC makers, with a little Linux thrown in, according to The Chief Officers' Network. At this point, both consumer and business customers that need (or are somehow convinced that they need) to purchase PCs may choose between many Vista machines or some without Vista. Which means without Microsoft. If enough hardware manufacturers are ready to get off the Microsoft train, and enough consumers are ready to do the same, as they find that they really don't, and never will, need the newest bloated OS to send e-mail and browse the Web, more value options in hardware should be hitting the market on a regular basis, and then get snapped up by ever-more savvy buyers.

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Jan 31, 2008 9:32 AM everts garay everts garay  says:
I think windows vista look is great, great look.but it has some problem, i don't know why microsoftdid not fix this at the begining. you don't need to be an expert to see the problems. so i hope that vista sp1, will fix this problem, if not it will be another "windows me".Another stuff. i think windows loghorn was better, when i said windows loghorn i mean that team was great. i don't know why microsoft split this team. becouse vista team sucks......... Reply
Jan 31, 2008 10:19 AM Richard Chapman Richard Chapman  says:
If you want to know how badly Vista is doing, just look at how much Microsoft is boasting of its sales. I think they use the term "sales" because there might be a legal issue with using the sales number as an installed base number. They are certainly not the same. We're living through the end of and era. The era of proprietary software led by its champion, Microsoft. I hope I live long enough to read the book "The Rise and Fall of the Microsoft Empire". Or whatever the detailed account of their demise will be called. Reply
Feb 5, 2008 8:23 PM Neil Licht Neil Licht  says:
My laptop from ACER came with Vista- a pure nightmare. Microsoft seems not to know that a ton of devices use Microsoft as their programming software and Vista shuts it all down. Hello Linnux, goodby Microsoft is what we as a company didVista Is not intuitive and isnt at all friendly. Unfortunately, I was trapped since ACER told me thier machine was not licensed for XP.I "downgraded to XP and am very happy but I still have this bloated hog stuck on my C drive with no way to remove it. Help in deleting its files would be appreciated Reply
Feb 21, 2008 4:17 PM Tyson Tyson  says:
For all the whining I hear about how hard Vista is to use, I have yet to see any other OS give the kind of enterprise out-of-the-box features of Windows. I have used many OSs over the course of my career in large network deployments and so far I have seen little to convince me that Linux (love it for servers but 08 will probably close the gap on that one) or MacOS can hack it the way Windows does.The problem here is perception, plain and simple. American cars for instance are not bad at all (My 03 Chevy has 130K miles and still running strong) but yet the perception is that American cars are inferior. Apple has done a great job getting the Mac exposed but, as simple as the OS is to use, it lacks many of the administrative controls that make Windows an ideal OS in a networked environment...But those snappy Apple ads are just so sexy that a technically un-savvy consumer is easily swayed. Even in a University environment where Apple reigns supreme, the misconceptions of what PCs are and their strengths and weaknesses are often skewed.Each OS has advantages, I will never assert that one is the best while the others suck. I break it down like this:LINUX+ Inexpensive, reliable, configurable up the wazoo- High administrative costs, hardware support is spotty, big learning curve for end usersMacOS+ Easy to use, Great for home users, OS looks slick- Expensive Computers and Peripherals, Inflexible upgrades, Poor enterprise level supportWindows+ Most enterprise friendly out of the box, Most software support, Most hardware support- Perception of poor quality from end-users, Confusing interface for users, Poor patching processYou may now tear this apart with exceptions but, bear in mind, I said OUT OF THE BOX. There are many features of both Mac and Linux that help to close the gap, but they are not even close yet. Reply
Jan 19, 2010 6:36 PM Gregs View Gregs View  says:

I am a proud over of Windows Vista Ultimate. I have been running Windows Vista Ultimate on my computer for over a year. I have not had any problems with Windows Vista. I think it is a great operating system. My system loads fast, and runs like a dream. I think many pc manufacturers installed Vista on pcs that really didn't have the power that Vista required. I have over 90 programs installed on my computer, 2 hard drives, web cam, 2 dual output video cards, wi-fi card and have not had one issue installing or running hardware or programs. So my opinion is Windows Vista is just as good as Windows 7 if you have the hardware to support Vista. Many people may not agree but what can I say. The experience I have had with Windows Vista has been great.


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