Microsoft Security Pro Job Sucks Worse Than Ever

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As if the week wasn't horrible enough after their profession was listed as one of the top 10 worst jobs in science for the year, Microsoft security professionals are now dealing with cyber criminals so nasty that they are willing to pose as Microsoft security professionals.


An e-mail traveling under the subject line "Microsoft Security Bulletin MS07-0065" links to a trojan. Apparently, it's a pretty good-looking, personalized e-mail, according to The Register.


IT groups may know that they're not going to get this type of notice in e-mail, but their end users likely won't, so a link to this Sophos piece on the mailing might be worth circulating.


And that list of the worst jobs? Redmond security folks make number six for their round-the-clock bashing from just about every low-life cyber jerk on the planet, the umpteen versions of umpteen Microsoft products they have to patch every time a problem is discovered, and the general spectrum of distrust to downright hatred of their employer (largely based on its track record in ... security).


Other jobs on the list from Popular Science that are adjudged comparable: scooping up whale poop -- and scooping through it (eesh, what people will do for "research" purposes); scooping maggots and other assorted bugs out of corpses for forensis analysis; and elephant vasectomist (on that note, I'm outta here).