Windows Applications Still Vulnerable, Secunia Warns -- Again


Danish vulnerability intelligence provider Secunia released a report a couple of weeks ago that stated that 98 out of every 100 PCs running Windows still have a security vulnerability. The report further stated that 46 percent of PCs have 11 or more insecure applications installed -- an insecure application defined in this instance as one that has a newer version available than the one being scanned.


Secunia released version 1.0 of its Personal Software Inspector in November. During the first week that the company released its scanner, over 120,000 people downloaded the software. Of those, 20,000 were used to collect the statistics the company has used in its report. Secunia uses the data collected from the first scan of a PC with its software installed. The company boasts that more than 900,000 users have downloaded and used the product to date.


This is the second report that Secunia has released since its product has been released. Eleven months ago, Secunia conducted a similar study. Since that time, the company has found no improvement in system protection.


Version 1.0 of the PSI software can be downloaded for free. There is an online version, OSI, that can be used to try the software before installing the full version. In addition, Secunia sells a network version, NSI 2.0. Unfortunately, the software only runs on Windows-based computers for now.