Welcome to My ITBE Security Blog


Dear Friends/Colleagues old and new,


Welcome to my new security blog at IT Business Edge. I know that many of you get a lot of reading material that comes across your desk on a daily basis and I thank you for choosing my blog to read. This blog will cover the security issues that security professionals are forced to deal with every day and look toward what to expect in the future. Topics will include but not be limited to: social engineering, NAC, rootkits, auditing, business continuity and disaster recovery, the new PCI standard, and many, many more, with an eye toward the relationship between the immediate threat and the larger meaning to the business.


Those of you that have read any of my material before know that I put thought and research into my work but despite my best efforts, I do make mistakes. After working in the IT sector for over 24 years, I know that security people take pride in making sure that facts and figures are correct so I know that you will keep me honest.


I look forward to sharing information and ideas with many of you. Please feel free to send me an e-mail any time; my account is always open.


Your friend and blogger,


Ralph M. DeFrangesco