Using the Cloud for E-Mail Security


When Google acquired Postini, in 2007, it got an on-demand communication security and compliance company. The addition of Postini gives Google the ability to offer organizations enterprise SaaS e-mail security, e-mail archiving, e-mail encryption and Web security.


As part of e-mail security, Google Apps Security Service offers spam, virus and phishing protection. I spoke with Adam Swidler, Product Marketing Manager for Google, who told me that more than half of all in-bound mail is junk mail and that by using Google e-mail security, an organization can filter out most of the problems before they hit a company's inbound mail servers. The configuration can be completed in a few hours. A company needs to modify its domain MX records to point to Google's mail servers. Large organizations can also synchronize their Active Directory or LDAP with Google's service.


For companies looking to move into cloud computing, Google's e-mail security is a good place to start. To complement its e-mail security service, Google also offers archiving and encryption. A company can choose to archive e-mail up to 10 years in a centralized repository, depending on its needs. Encryption helps companies comply with GLB, HIPAA and PCI data privacy regulations.


To date, Google has signed 40,000 businesses and organizations with over 15 million end users to its service. Google is trying hard to compete against companies like Microsoft and Yahoo. While other companies are charging more and giving less, Google somehow manages to charge less and even sometimes gives it away for free.