Survey: IT Pay Poor for 2009, but Security Positions Better off Than Some


Network World just released its annual salary survey for 2009. I don't think that anyone was surprised with the results. Sixty-one percent of IT salaries will increase, 36 percent will stay the same, and only 3 percent will decrease. The list included IT Senior Managers at $120,800, a 2.9 percent increase over 2008; Web Application Development at $105,200, a 1.4 percent increase over 2008; and Security Architect/Administrator at $93,900, a 2.3 percent increase over 2008.


What didn't surprise me was how security jobs are expected to pay the most and have some of the highest expected salary increases for 2009.


Half of the respondents reported that they will earn a bonus. Fifty-nine percent will earn one for individual performance, 37 percent will earn a year-end bonus, and 33 percent will earn one for team performance.


Three-quarters of respondents reported receiving pay other than salaries and bonuses. Eighty-two percent receive matching 401(k), 13 percent receive stock options, and 12 percent receive overtime pay.


What did surprise me in this survey was the geographic area that will pay the most; New England will average $97,600. The Pacific region will average $95,600, and the mid Atlantic region will average $93,300.


Let's put this in perspective. The economy is bad, really bad. Unemployment is at 8 percent so if you have a job, consider yourself lucky and don't worry whether you were one of the 36 percent whose salary stayed the same.