Security Strategy Survey's Key Findings Positive

Ralph DeFrangesco

Dimension Data, an IT services and solution provider, working with IDC, commissioned a report titled, "2009 Global IT Security Research Results Summary," whose findings look positive for all industry sectors. The report had the following key findings:


  • IT security spending remains strong in all sectors and emerging economies.
  • The organizations surveyed stated that they had a clear view of the threat landscape.
  • There is a real interest in data loss prevention. Ninety-two percent surveyed claim they currently use or will use DLP models in the next 12 months. (Of course, Dimension Data is a provider of DLP-focused solutions, so it had a particular interest in including this topic in the survey.)
  • Compliance is still viewed as a "grudge purchase."
  • Companies are taking a more proactive approach to IT security by undertaking an audit or penetration test.
  • Top initiatives planned for the future: remote protection, business continuity, anti-spam, data leakage/loss prevention, and privacy protection.


I made a prediction earlier this year stating that IT security spending would increase this year and next, and I think the Dimension Data report confirms this. In fact, just last month, Gartner stated that according to what they are seeing, they predict that the security software market will continue to grow despite poor economic conditions. Even the government will be spending more. The Obama administration will set aside $355 million for cybersecurity efforts in 2010.


All of this is great news for security professionals. Security has long been an afterthought in many organizations and budgets have shown it. Reports like this illustrate that organizations are willing to spend the money on security even when dollars are tight.

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Oct 15, 2009 7:19 PM Michael Argast Michael Argast  says:

We're also seeing a similar interest in data leakage from our customers - the shift in the last few years from protecting against simple infections and the productivity costs, to fighting back against the criminal element and focusing on protecting the data has been a big shift in the industry.

Regarding your comment about regulations being followed more as a grudging 'yeah we have to do this' - I think there are a few things at play here - one, the regulations don't have significant teeth, two, there is a wide-spread belief that they don't connect with reality and three - the tools and guidance necessary to follow them have been weak. I've heard organization state it is easier/cheaper to pay the fines than to deal with the regulation or security vulnerabilities. I think we in the industry need to make our tools easier to use, and we also have to deal with the reality that security is only a small part of the overall picture the business needs to deal with.

Michael Argast, Security Analyst, Sophos


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