Secure Patient Records Closer to Being a Reality


PhoneFactor, a manufacturer of security products and services, has developed a system that gives organizations the ability to add two-factor authentication to any application. SecureFactor recently signed two more clients in the medical industry that have adopted its service to protect patient medical files.


The way the service works is simple and secure. A physician who wants patient medical information keys their login information into a hospital's network from their office. The physician immediately receives a phone call from SecureFactor asking the physician to key in a PIN on their phone. Once the PIN is keyed in, the physician is given access to the network. The service uses two separate channels, a computer password and login and a phone, to validate a user's credentials.


SecureFactor can be used to protect any application that requires secure access, such as financial applications, e-commerce Web sites, and e-mail. The service will work with any phone, landline or mobile and is compliant with many industry regulations, including the FFIEC Guidelines, PCI Data Security Standards and HIPAA regulations.


The company supplies a Windows-based agent that steps you through the process of adding the applications you want to protect, the authentication settings, and making test calls. In addition, there is a Web SDK that allows the service to integrate with .NET, Java, Perl, Ruby and PHP applications.


PhoneFactor has three versions of this product. The standard version allows you to secure two applications, add unlimited users, customize e-mail notifications, and use real-time fraud alerts. An extended edition has the same features as the standard but allows unlimited applications to be secured, custom integration via Web services, transaction verification, updating users from Active Directory or LDAP, and a self-service portal. The company also has a free version that allows you to secure two applications and up to 25 users.


For companies looking to increase security around access to their networks and applications, PhoneFactor is an excellent choice. The service provides two separate authentication factors and has a service that can grow with your organization.