Mozilla Putting out Fires in Firefox


This week Mozilla released 12 security patches for its Firefox browser, version 3.0.9. Of the 12 patches, four were rated as critical, two high, two moderate, and four low. This patch release was the most since December 2008, when Mozilla released patches to fix 13 vulnerabilities.


According to MFSA Advisory 2009-24, two of the patches fix vulnerabilities in the browser search engine and several in the JavaScript engine. Other patches prevent rogue plug-ins, and affect Adobe Flash. The patches affected Firefox 3.0.9, Thunderbird, and Sea Monkey 1.1.16.


This week's patches were not the only bad news at Mozilla. Mozilla will be delaying the release of Firefox 3.1 Beta 4 (slated to be called 3.5) , again. Beta 4 was scheduled to ship in early April but code problems and additional bugs have prevented it from shipping.


I am all for fixing bugs. I am surprised at Mozilla because they usually fix problems very quickly. This makes me think that there might be more problems with Beta 4 than we are being led to believe. I think that Mozilla should take all the time it needs to get it right.


If you are using Firefox Beta 3, do you think Beta 4 is worth the wait? What features are you expecting to take advantage of?