Apple Not Immune


Earlier this month, Apple released security updates for its OS X operating system, version 10.5. The updates (2008-008) fix vulnerabilities related to Adobe's flash player plug-in, Internet sharing, and dynamic linked libraries, just to name a few.


The security update included 15 patches. Specifically, the update addresses the following sub-systems: ATS, BOM, Core Graphics, Core Services, Core Types, Flash Player Plug-in, Kernel, LibSystem, Managed Client, Network_cmds, Podcast Producer and UDF. Many of the vulnerabilities could be exploited, but only the Adobe Flash Player Plug-in has gained attention. Updates to the OS X operating system are available though software updates or Apple Downloads.


In addition to the OS X updates, Apple also released updates for the Leopard operating system, version 10.5.6. The updates for Leopard address 39 issues or improvements for the following sub-systems: Address Book, AirPort, Client Management, iChat, Graphics, Mail, MobileMe, Networking, Printing, Parental Controls, Time Machine, Safari and General. One update for iCalc, the personal calendar application, has been open since January 2008. Updates for the Leopard operating system are available through software updates or Apple Downloads.


Apple does not rank the patches but it does recommend that all patches be installed because they enhance the security, stability, and compatibility of the operating system. Although Apple does have a much better patch record compared to Windows, it is clearly not immune to some of the same vulnerabilities as other operating systems.