Windows Vista and the Power to Choose

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Windows Vista has finally arrived and the universe has not collapsed in upon itself. That, of course, is a good thing.


Still troubling, though, is the collective industry shrug to what, in many respects, is a decent, if not mind-blowing, upgrade to the various Windows operating systems currently in use at home and office. What is there to like about Vista? Turns out, plenty. From new enterprise search capabilities to automated defrag and other management tools, there are likely enough goodies to keep system administrators happy for a while.


And even as Vista was being launched, Microsoft was already focusing on the future. The company plans a number of new hosting and communications tools for SharePoint and Exchange that leverage some of Vista's more advanced capabilities.


The only flaw in the plan is the significant hardware upgrades that many systems will need to fully exploit Vista. That's drawn a lot of hope from Mac and Linux fans that customers will look at alternative platforms if they have to migrate.


In the end, Vista represents something that we as citizens of the modern world value highly: choices. With a plethora of hardware and software options available to consumers and businesses, chances are that there is a system out there that suits your needs better than anything else.


All you have to do is find it.