Virident Offers Integrated Memory on New Server Line


Virident Systems has come out with a new line of servers optimized for Internet-based services with promises to relieve bottlenecks in high-throughput environments and to simplify network architectures with integrated memory systems.

The GreenCloud family, optimized for the MySQL database and the Memcached application, relies on what the company calls "in-memory computing" that integrates memory into the CPU complex. The idea is to allow applications to deal directly with large volumes of data right on the server, rather than through a storage network. The company claims improvements in application performance, as well as greater server consolidation and lower overall TCO.

The platform allows construction of a new storage tier that the company calls "storage-class memory," which can be built on both NOR and NAND Flash, as well as hybrid designs combining DRAM, Flash and Phase Change Memory. These memory systems are integrated with a proprietary software stack running on a standard x86 platform. That that allows the system to function more as a memory-centric platform than a compute-centric one.

The GreenCloud Server for MySQL promises a 50x to 70x improvement over standard disk array architectures and provides optimized performance with MyISAM and InnoDB storage engines. GreenCloud Server for Memcached is rated at 250K object gets per second with support for up to 3 billion objects.

Both devices are available in 1 or 2 RU configurations with one to four quad-core processors and memory ranging from 80 GB to 576 GB. Prices start at $6,000.