Unisys Targets Enterprise Management

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Unisys is making a play for a bigger slice of the data center pie, rolling out a set of new servers and services aimed at establishing what it calls "real-time infrastructure" that can be configured and reconfigured quickly to meet operational needs.


The strategy centers largely on a set of third-party blade servers -- rebranded as the ES5000 and ES3000 -- tied to an expanded management suite that uses virtualization and other techniques to repurpose and reallocate system resources as workloads and data requirements change.


The management system is comprised of the uAdapt system that shores up utilization rates, the uOrchestrate SLA and process automation system, and the uChargeback system for tracking departmental usage. The complete system operates on Windows, Linux or Unix, as well as VMware. Xen versions of uAdapt and uOrchestrate are available now, with certification for uChargeback due soon.


The strategy is a fairly aggressive one for Unisys considering the company is fairly new to the volume open-source market. The company has long specialized in high-end systems, but in reaching for the broader market it will have to crowd into territory already occupied by the likes of HP, Sun and other big names.


Enterprise users may applaud the arrival of more choices for their data centers, but Unisys has a lot of work ahead if it hopes to make significant headway.