The New Virtual Dell

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Anybody who doubts Dell's commitment to virtualization should check out this list of new tools and systems that the company has cobbled together over the past few months. It seems the company has the virtual bug, and bad.


Along with the new PowerEdge R805 and R905 servers, the company offers a choice between the VMware ESXi 3.5 or Citrix Xenserver Dell Express Edition hypervisors. You can also add the EquaLogic storage array with an integrated VMware Site Recovery Manager stack for disaster recovery.


Virtualization can extend beyond the server chassis with the Dell PAN (Processor Area Network) system developed in conjunction with Egenera. The system offers consolidation and virtualization of network resources so they can be managed like hard disk drives in a storage area network. The company claims it can cut provisioning and deployment times from weeks to minutes.


All of this is tied to a new set of services from Dell's Global Infrastructure Consulting Services branch. Included are a Virtualization Simplification Workshop designed to guide clients through technical and organization issues, as well as operational assessment and process automation services, system monitoring, PAN acceleration and design and implementation services.


Dell's point is that it intends to cover all the bases when it comes to datacenter virtualization. It looks like the only thing missing here is a desktop solution.