Still Puzzling over Windows Vista

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The IT industry seems to be about as ready as it will be for Windows Vista, which isn't saying much. Redmond execs say it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but word on some streets is that there's no real reason to get all worked up about it.


The real action, some say, is in Office 07, which offers a number of enhancements that have IT executives buzzing. Topping the list is the ability to integrate with SAP and Oracle ERP and CRM systems. Guiding all these platforms under Office Dynamics is likely to save a lot of time and expense training new users.


Speaking of time and expense, it is hard to understand why Microsoft would make Office, which everyone wants, available under the old licensing strategy, while delivering Vista under the more costly and time-consuming system of individual product activation. Yes, there are questions of security, but wouldn't that be a concern for Office as well? In the end, since new hardware will start coming out with Vista anyway, enterprise users will have no choice, if they intend to stick with Microsoft.


Woudn't it be amusing, then, if the hassles and uncertainies surrounding Vista were to act as a catalyst for some other operating system, say the Mac OS? Let's try some critical thinking. It you're going to dump XP for Vista, why not consider a switch to OS X? Apparently, Vista offers many of the same features found on Leopard or due out on Tiger next year. You'll still get to run all of your legacy Windows systems on MacIntels, plus you get that Apple engineering and interoperability.


Yes, we know, there are a million reasons you shouldn't. But at least there are now some compelling reasons you should.


Food for thought.