Real-Time Replication for Virtual Machines


Someone in your enterprise is in need of a dedicated processing environment. In olden times (all of two years ago), this would have been a major hassle for IT, but nowadays the user can simply provision a virtual server and get to work.

Simple, right? Well it is, until you start to get into thorny issues like failover and data availability. To be safe, virtual servers should be backed up just like physical ones, but few of the people doing the provisioning these days know how to do that.

XLink Technology aims to bypass that problem with its new proReplicator 3.0 software for Windows 2008, 2003, 2000 and XP environments. The package provides both real-time and scheduled replication for VMware, SQL, IIS and File Servers over LAN and WAN networks.

The system can be installed either on the host OS or the guest OS on a VMware server. A host installation provides replication for all applications running on the virtual machine, and can replicate non-Windows guest OSes like Linux or Solaris x86 as well.

The system limits bandwidth usage by replicating only modified portions of files, monitoring data at the byte level and increasing performance by matching block-level continuous data protection (CDP) to disk I/O.

And you don't even need to reboot your system after installation.