New Gains in Archive Appliances

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Setting up an automated archiving regime for e-mail and other forms of data doesn't need to be a major architectural hassle. A new breed of appliances is making the task about as close to plug-and-play as you can get.


Symantec customers will be the beneficiaries of one of the latest systems, the UDO Archive Appliance by Plasmon, which recently qualified under Symantec's Technology Enabled Program. The UDO appliance provides a storage repository for the Enterprise vault system, constantly checking to make sure messages are neither improperly stored nor deleted. The goal of both companies is to develop the system into a long-term data management solution.


Meanwhile, Nexsan recently added a pair of appliances to the Assureon family of disk-based archive systems. The Assureon SA and NX are said to offer simplicity and security for smaller businesses. The devices offer archiving for up to 20 million documents, with a browser-type search engine and content addressable storage. If you're loathe to place archival responsibility onto tape or other offline system, an online disk system is probably the best route for governance, compliance and discovery.


Whether you go the appliance route or not, archiving is one of the key elements in the enterprise these days, even if it's the first step in a broader information lifecycle program.