Microsoft Makes New Pitch for Vista

Arthur Cole

It seems that the more Microsoft touts the benefits of its Vista operating system to the enterprise, the more resistance it runs into from IT executives who simply cannot justify the upgrade and migration costs.


According to new research from appliance vendor KACE, more than 90 percent of IT professionals were still not sold on the virtues of Vista, with only 1 percent reporting that they had fully migrated over.


While the cost of migration was topmost in respondents' concerns, there is also widespread apprehension over the system's performance load and memory requirements. And while nearly half of those surveyed say they would consider migrating to a non-Windows OS, most concede the eventual takeover of Vista as new hardware investments are made. The report is available at the KACE website here.


Microsoft hopes to win over more of the IT industry with the release of Service Pack 1 early next year. Previews went out this week, and while it did contain some fixes and performance enhancements, there were no new features to be had.


Microsoft also has a new set of Vista migration tools, including the Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.0, Windows Vista Hardware Assessment (WVHA) 2.1, and User State Migration Tools (USMT) 3.0. But even if these tools do address some of the migration issues, Vista is still hampered by the widespread impression that it does little to advance enterprise efficiency or functionality beyond what is already available on XP.


More than likely, Vista adoption will continue to trickle in over the next two years as hardware refresh cycles kick in, even as rival OS providers seek to wean customers away during the transition period. And if virtualization continues its steady march into the enterprise, it won't be long before multiple OSs start showing up on the same network, so you'll be able to pick whatever operating environment suits your fancy at any given time.

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Nov 26, 2007 7:34 PM Kyle Sylvester Kyle Sylvester  says:
The thing with vista is that it is also very annoying. consistant pop-ups everytime you try to run a program to ask if you are sure you want to allow this program to run... well i guess if i did double click it yea i think i want it open... i mean that may have some advatages but how many times must you have to click yes open yes open yes open you know what i mean. also even that same promt puts laod on your machine as it has to dim out everything in the background and bring it up i have seen computers crash cause of this. another thing how many people have the money to buy a machine that can support vista smoothly i mean my machine has 2 gig corsair ram dual core amd 2.0ghz processor and a 512mb grapics card and even with no programs running i get a little hang. Microsoft really must have been thinking with their head down the toilet or too much over at macintosh cause from what i see they tried to hard to copy mac and screwed up just ike the ps3 as its getting beat by the Wii. Bill gates better get his act together and that service pack had better lower the system requirements or else after SP3 for xp they will have to start on sp4 real soon or face some pretty pissed off customers like me. Reply
Feb 23, 2008 12:04 PM penguin penguin  says:
Microsoft sucks. Why pay for this crap? Reply

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