Less Power to Thin Clients

Arthur Cole

It's no secret that the cost of energy is one of the biggest drivers of server and storage virtualization. Now it seems that thin client technology is seeing increased demand for the very same reason.


Enterprises around the world are looking at the economics of current desktop architectures and find them sorely lacking in energy consumption metrics. With the newest thin client systems cutting workstation usage from hundreds of watts to less than 10, it's becoming impossible to justify the cost of traditional PC deployments anymore.


One vendor reaping the benefit of this new reality is Sun Microsystems. The company's Sun Ray desktop architecture can tie upwards of 50 thin clients running at 4 to 8 watts each to a single server. And with centralized management and software upgrades, thin clients have a much longer shelf life than traditional PCs, lowering acquisition costs.


Thin-client computing is also proving to be a golden opportunity for entry-level vendors to tap into a market that has been dominated by the big boys for decades. California's NComputing, for example, has made a healthy business from its X300 and L Series virtual PC access devices that allow as many as 30 clients to operate off a single PC. Devon IT of Pennsylvania has made a specialty of thin client solutions and has just added a 1 GHz CPU model with Windows XP Embedded to its lineup.


Thin-client computing is only one of many approaches being considered to streamline desktop operations. A recent survey by Intel found that while the thin client model had the highest name recognition and was being employed by more than 60 percent of enterprises, there is also widespread interest in technologies like OS and application streaming, PC blades and desktop virtualization.


These recent trends represent market capitalism at its best. Back in the days of cheap energy, power consumption per terminal was negligible, so providers concentrated on finding the lowest-cost hardware solution. Now that the electric bill is part of the equation, efficiency is in, even if it does take computing power away from the user.

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Feb 22, 2008 6:36 PM Bruce Naegel Bruce Naegel  says:
I am surprised at your comment about power and thin clients only because you appear to NOT be counting the screen. I have actually measured the power used by my Laptop and the 20" LCD screen I use from time to time. The 1 processor laptop has a 15" screen and uses about 26 watts. The 20" screen uses about 55 Watts. I measured a 17" LCD as 47 watts. Even if we assume thata 15" screen used 30 watts, 30 wats + 4 watts for the thin client is more than the laptop.My one processor laptop on standby uses 1 watt. So one could get the processing power of a thin client with a laptop. Please explain what the benefit of the thinclient would be in any situation where you have one screen per thin client.ThanksBruce Reply
Feb 23, 2008 3:09 PM Lucas Lucas  says:
Bruce,You are getting past the point which is TCO. The thin client architecture is radically different from client/server architecture. Lets face it, with network latency going down, the fat client model in corporate environments will die.Cheers,Lucas Reply
Apr 30, 2008 9:51 AM Nadia Nadia  says:
Thin Client computing offers unrivalled benefits to organisations comprising 25 to 1000 users. 1. Thin Clients are smaller, cheaper and more efficient server based computing devices, rapidly replacing 'fat' PCs in organisations across the globe. 2. With no moving parts, thin client devices are far cheaper to run, having a much smaller impact on the environment. No moving parts also means no hard drive. 3. Relying primarily on a central server for processing, applications and storage, valuable information is not stored locally, offering many security and cost benefits. The details of our products,pls join our website: http://www.psgtech.cnBenefits: Easy Manageability - All of your data in one place! High Reliability - No moving parts to fail! Environmentally Friendly - Much lower carbon footprint! Lower overall costing - Up to 80% saving on PC Enhanced Security - Remotely defined access and all data remains on servers - Unattractive to most thieves.Savings:Some of the biggest benefits of thin client solutions are seen in overall cost savings and increased productivity. According to Zona Research, thin client Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings have been measured as high as: 80% less maintenance per year 25% capital cost savings 34% less in maintenance 23% less to operate 25% productivity increaseAnd now we have a good news about the price:After our market meeting 25th,April,2008.I am very glad to inform you about special price to some client from the global.If client can order product is over 50pcs a item.Our price will be lowed down 3%.If client can order product is over 100pcs a item.Our price will be lowed down 5%. If client can order product is over 500pcs a item.Our price will be lowed down 8%.Hoping this good news can enrich your market and get your bigger order earlier. Best Regards/Nadia LiExport Dept./ Shenzhen PSG Co.,Ltd Telephone: +86-755-33089868 FAX: +86-755-33089898Mobile: +86-13760156505 Yahoo ID:mustation2000MSN: lisufeng-nadya@hotmail.com Skype: nadya694208 Website: www.psgtech.cn Reply

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