IBM Launches Cloud Appliance


Can deploying applications in the cloud be heading for plug-and-play? It certainly seems possible, considering IBM's latest development: an appliance that lets you extend existing SOA applications onto private clouds.

The WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance is essentially a cloud deployment device that provides access to software-based virtual images so they can be secured and released onto the cloud. If you already have an SOA infrastructure in place, this device should allow you to branch into the cloud with relative ease.

The CloudBurst, along with the associated WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition, helps overcome the often complicated task of readying applications for the cloud by providing a development and test environment and then automatically returning the finished app to shared resource pools. The package also ties in with IBM's new Rational Automation Framework that offers more than 400 automated tasks related to the configuration and deployment process.


The device also is integrated with the Tivoli Service Automation Manager, which oversees the development and management side of the cloud. With it, operators can request, fulfill and manage full software stacks across the data center and into the cloud.

IBM is also releasing BPM BlueWorks, a set of coud-based strategy and business tools designed to help organizations hone their process management systems.

Expect to see the CloudBurst appliance to hit the channel within the next few weeks.