Growing Interest in USB Flash Memory

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USB Flash drives have proven to be such a useful item for the enterprise and general users alike that more and more vendors are looking to cash in on the action.


No less than Microsoft is entering the game, teaming up with SanDisk to develop a line of USB Flash drives and memory cards. The devices will offer a combination of Microsoft operating software and the SanDisk Cruzer USB drive, outfitted with the TrustedFlash security system. By some accounts, SanDisk is planning to drop no less than five of its current USB development efforts to focus strictly on the Microsoft product, which is expected by mid-2008.


One of those efforts was the eagerly awaited U3 system, which the company picked up with the M-Systems acquisition in 2006. The U3 system was praised for its support of open applications like Firefox, Open Office and Thunderbird. Now that Microsoft has its clutches into SanDisk, it would be a stretch to expect the resulting product to be very friendly with open environments.


Of course, Flash technology is all about speed, and for that it will be hard to beat Mosaid Technologies' new HyperLink NAND system. The company reports a sustained read/write bandwidth of 800 MBps, with the ability to support up to 255 devices on a single interface. The company is looking for partners to develop the system for next-gen solid state drives.


And just for kicks, we couldn't help but direct you to this batch of USB Flash drive covers from Valolo we found at Coolest Gadgets. Maybe because it's past lunchtime, but that Challah Raisin Bread does look rather tasty.