Group Promotes Macs in the Enterprise


There's a trade alliance for just about every conceivable enterprise activity these days, so I guess it was only a matter of time before the Macs-in-the-enterprise crowd got into the act.


Software firms Parallels, Atempo, Centrify, Group Logic and LANrev (but not Apple itself) have formed the EDA, or the Enterprise Desktop Alliance, with the goal of proving to CIOs that Macs can be easily integrated into their environments while still providing the same level of management, security and service they get with Windows, Linux or any other platform.


The group is planning a series of Webcasts, seminars, white papers and other outreach efforts to get its message out. Each member of the group brings a different area of expertise on the Mac: Parallels for virtualization; Atempo for data protection; Centrify for access management; Group Logic for file and print services; and LANrev for lifecycle management.


New members are welcome, but it's hard to see how much headway third-party suppliers can make unless there is a stronger commitment from Apple to court the enterprise. The company has focused largely on consumer products of late, many of which have business applications, but the company's desktop and server lines still seem largely geared toward specialty shops like graphics and video, rather than general database and number-crunching.


Still, you have to start somewhere. And if the EDA can gin up more interest among enterprise users, perhaps Apple will be forced to take notice.


The group's Web site is here.