Green IT Still Has Legs


The green enterprise movement is still a going concern despite fears that it was beginning to lose its steam, although more firms are looking at it as a way to produce short-term gains rather than long-term sustainability.


That's the conclusion of Gartner's latest review of the subject, which showed that 20 percent of enterprises now devote a portion of their capital budgets to green spending, while only 10 percent reported no green spending at all. Still, of that latter group, 40 percent of U.S., 58 percent of European and 15 percent of Asian respondents said they were likely to implement green projects within the year.


As expected, Europe showed the highest level of enthusiasm, with nearly 40 percent reporting that green IT now accounts for a least a fifth of their overall spending.


While many organizations still point to improvements in the environment as driving factors in their green spending, the overwhelming driver is still a desire to lower energy costs, according to the report. Although those costs are down somewhat compared to the past few years, many organizations have started to realize the level of consumption generated by their IT resources and are looking for ways to pare that down.


Still, it's clear that short-term gains today could easily produce long-term gains tomorrow, particularly if the cost of energy starts to climb again.