Digital Reef Launches Search and Recovery System


Add another company that is looking to simplify the search and discovery of unstructured data -- although this one says it has an innovative new architecture that offers greater scalability while taking up little space in the data center.

Digital Reef is the former Auraria Networks and is backed by venture firms Pilot House Ventures Group and Matrix Partners. The company's new software provides a full e-discovery and storage optimization platform capable of indexing, preparing and classifying 3 to 4 TB of data in a day.

The system uses a tiered architecture that includes routers, analytics and a gateway that can be easily scaled up or down to match performance requirements. It also boasts an indexing system that can restart a job on a particular machine after a failure, rather than start the entire process over again.

Other features include tools for recognition and reconstruction of e-mail threads, plus pattern recognition to identify data sets and their connections. The system also contains a "similarity engine" that can discern data in context, allowing it to locate batches on similar topics or threads. A virtual file system is used for automatic data classification, which avoids the need to seed the system with examples.

The company is making the software available under license or as a service.