Cassatt Targets Internal Clouds


What if you could have all the operational benefits of an external cloud service without worrying about security, compliance and loss of control. That's pretty much what Cassatt Corp. is offering with its new set of services and software aimed at streamlining the creation of internal cloud architectures.


The company has devised a two-step process for creating a cloud behind the enterprise firewall using existing enterprise computing, storage and network resources.


The initiative consists of the Active Profiling Service, which helps enterprises make sense of their existing assets and data usage patterns, and the newest version (5.2) of the company's Active Response network management software. The idea is to establish what you have and how it works first, and then devise the optimal cloud architecture from scratch.


The Active response platform offers the ability to institute policy-based control mechanisms and automated monitoring to match both physical and virtual resources to application demand. This helps to reduce the need for over-provisioning of network resources even while it breaks down static hardware and software silos. Cassatt claims it can cut IT operational costs as much as 50 percent.


Cassatt has also expanded its roster of supported third-party technology to include IBM's AIX OS, Force10 network switches and Parallels Virtuozzo Containers in an effort to broaden the system's ability to work across heterogeneous environments. The system already supported Linux, Solaris and Windows OSes, as well as VMware, Citrix and Hyper-V and network equipment from Cisco, Dell, Extreme Networks, Nortel and F5.


Standard Editions of the software start as low as $200 per managed machine.