Buzz Around SAS Getting Louder

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There's been a lot of activity surrounding serial attached SCSI (SAS) lately. For those of you who don't track this stuff on a regular basis, here is a list of announcements just within the past month:


Promise Technology unveiled a full line of SAS products at CeBit, including the Vtrak E-class external system and the SuperTrak EX PCIe RAID host bus adapter. The thinking at Promise is to build enough flexibility into the system so that users can configure any number of SAS/SATA combinations to suit rapidly changing business needs.


Infortrend Corp. has released the first in what is expected to be many SAS-to-SATA RAID systems in an effort to tap the growing market of customers looking to upgrade from standard SCSI to higher-bandwidth SAS networks. The EonStor A16S-G2130 maintains a SAS connection to the host computer with SATA II for the drive.


Meanwhile, Adaptec is showing off a new Unified Serial RAID controller for PCI-X and PCI-E systems that the company says will go a long way toward lowering the cost of nearline SATA storage while boosting the performance of SAS drives. The system is the first to offer 12- and 16-port configurations.


And earlier this month, EqualLogic launched the third in the PS3000 series of SAS arrays with a 15,000-rpm model delivering 4.8 TB of storage. The system is optimized for VMware, Exchange SQL and Oracle environments, according to the company.


With all this buzz, it would seem that SAS is getting ready to take over the data center. And while that may be a slight overstatement, there's little doubt that you'll be hearing more about it in the coming months.