Another OEM for 8 Gbps Fibre Channel

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8 Gbps Fibre Channel is gaining more traction among top-tier OEM vendors who are apparently swayed by the argument that faster throughput will be enough to keep users from switching en masse to Ethernet-based technologies.


Emulex recently announced that EMC has certified its Lightpulse LPe12000 HBA for use with the Clariion, Celerra and Symmetrix line of storage systems. The company joins Oracle and Microsoft in support of the 8G LightPulse.


The idea of expanding Fibre Channel into wider bandwidth environments certainly makes a lot of sense considering the tremendous amount of data that's about to hit the data center network due to virtualization and consolidation. Backers of 8 Gig FC are clearly of a mind that the extra bandwidth will be needed sooner rather than later when Fibre Channel over Ethernet brings what were once two separate networks under a single Ethernet framework.


There's also something to be said about large enterprise customers that might not be willing to place critical storage data on top of what will be an increasingly crowded communications network that will likely be saturated with voice traffic in the near future.


Still, there is the possibility that many firms might not want to invest in a technology that has a somewhat limited role as strictly a storage solution. In that case, there may be some serious reservations about expanding Fibre Channel bandwidth any further.